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Rebuild the Hood, Inc. has five pillars that contribute to our programming/initiatives: Family, Wealth, Business, Real Estate and Mindset.


We believe that strong families are the foundation of healthy and thriving communities. We are dedicated to providing support and resources that strengthen family bonds, promote positive family values, and create safe and nurturing communities for families to grow and thrive.

Happy Senior Couple


We have a vested interest in breaking generational curses and contributing to prosperity by building long term wealth in our families. 

Financial Analyst
Image by Giorgio Trovato
Image by Kelly Sikkema


Assisting the community in creating and sustaining successful businesses is a foundational concept for our organization. 

Local Family Business
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Colleagues Having Lunch

Real Estate

It is documented that the largest contribution to the wealth of an individual/family is via real estate.

House Hunt
Image by Naomi Hébert
Showing a Room


We are not only dedicated to revitalizing our communities economically, but also mentally. 

Group therapy
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Fit Couple

Partner with us!

As a volunteer with RBH, you are helping to build our organization by lending your unique experiences, skills, and knowledge of our community to empower individuals who are often misnamed & overlooked.  

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