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Rebuild the Hood, Inc. has four pillars that contribute to our programming/initiatives: Family, Mindset, Wealth, Business and Real Estate.  


We are not only dedicated to revitalizing our communities economically, but also mentally. Our programming regarding the restructuring of the mindset is as follows: 

Town Halls


Physical and Mental Fitness


We have a vested interest in breaking generational curses and contributing to prosperity by building long term wealth in our families. Our programming regarding wealth is as follows:

Financially Fit: Financial Literacy Series

Family Banking Challenge 


Assisting the community in creating and sustaining successful businesses is a foundational concept for our organization. Our programming regarding business is as follows: 




Access to Capital

Come -Up: Black Group Economics Initiative 

Black Business
Boost Grant 

Real Estate

It is documented that the largest contribution to the wealth of an individual/family is via real estate. Our programming regarding real estate is as follows:


Home Buyer Coaching Program

(For First Time Home Buyers) 

Real Estate Mastery Program
(For Investors) 

Check out our Events page for upcoming dates!!!

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