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RBH Virtual Town Hall

Rebuild The Hood, Inc. is proud to present, "Invest, Impact, Empower: US." Our virtual town hall is designed to discuss present conditions of African-Americans concerning mindset challenges and breakthroughs in business/personal life, defining a "wealth mindset", physical and emotional health challenges, and economic empowerment and support at the family level.


We aim to enlighten and bring further insight into the African-American experience concerning the above-mentioned topics; exploring how each segment contributes to enhancing the quality (or lack thereof) of African-American life within an United States context.Our goal is to provide micro-keys to move forward and beyond each challenge presented.


Our panel leaders include:

Danyetta L. Najoli, M.A., Coach | Author | Social Innovator

Carmen Carothers, Business Instructor/Consultant/Owner of ARV International Inc.

MoR Essentials, Nutritional Supplements and Beauty


Register for the event at

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